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Icehockey Coach Assistant
Версия 2.20 SP1 готова! Version 2.20 SP1 wurde freigegeben! Version 2.20 SP1 are released! Skip Navigation Links   If you are a progressive and for new solutions searched icehockey coach and you have a interest for logical conversation "Practice"-"Game"-"Practice" to create a focused training process, then you are here at the right address.
  Presented here is the programme suite, "Coach Assistant" for ice hockey. The distribution over four main sections (Practice Types, Drill Collections, Game Statistics and Practice Plans) allows the coach to independently process information from all the named components. On the other hand, all segments are logically connected (those in the collection of group drills were drawn up from the Practice Type; Game Statistics were collected from the viewpoint of the term Goal Situation which was also described in the section Practice Types). To prepare a practice, one uses the drills that were previously represented in the Drill Collections. In order to specify the objective of the practice process, one can use the information from the Game Statistics and your own statistics from the Practice Plan. Search options for the Drill Collections and Game Statistics offer different search criteria. Different graphic illustrations in the form of diagrams were considered for the Game Statistics and Practice Plans. Practice Types can be described with the assistance of texts, pictures and video clips.
  Current version 2.20 supports a view in "Drill-Collection" with help of a video clip. The "Game-statistic" is advanced with the possibility to safe every goal with a video clip. New program components "DesignDrill" is been provided:
The main program caIH looks in such a way:

System Requirements
OSWindows 7 ProfessionalWindows 7 Professional
ProcessorIntel® Core™ i3 2,5 GHzIntel® Core™ i5 2,5 GHz
Ram2 GB4 GB
GraphicscardATI Radeon HD4650ATI Radeon HD5450

IcehockeyYuriy TserkovnyukHonoured Coach of the USSR
Commercial agent (Russian)Nikolay KuznetsowDirector of High School for Icehockey Coach's, tel. 89169548529, 89267052216
Commercial agent (Russian)Victor KostyukovIcehockeycoach, tel. 89169548529, 89267052216
Commercial agent (German)Reinhard PiererIcehockeycoach - Goalkeeper Coach, Mobil +43(0)6644417894
Support (Russian)Victor GorskyHead of Research and Education Center KHL, Ph.D. "Kontinental Hockey League", tel. +7 495 287 4000, add. 023, mob.: +7 903 627 7147
Support (Russian)Anatoly BergerSupport, Ph.D., Software, tel. +43(0)6991 292 1997